Coordinate 44°40′39.62″N 11°02′34.83″E,  altitudine 20 m s.l.m., superficie 55,32 km², abitanti 15.921

The Tower of the Modenesi or Clocktower

Facing West, on the road that leads to Modena (11 km from here), it was erected in 1261, when the abbot of Nonantola allowed full jurisdiction over the temporal dominions of the Abbey, situated in the Modenese territory of the Frignano, to the Connube of Modena.

The tower with its clock, which stands at the entrance of the historical town centre (via Roma), has a base measuring 10,70 m per 9,63 m , and it is 30,50 m high, with five floors.

Entirely built in brick, it is crowned by Guelp battlements and covered by a roof on top to which a little bell tower has been added, called Torricino (Small Tower), which houses the Town Hall bell, called “la Silvestrina” (“Silvery Voice”), which tolls during times of danger, peril, or on special occasionis.

Below there’s cornice of little arches which originally served to drain away the rainwater ad had a defensive function as well.

Watch tower and defensive bulwark in the Middle Ages, it was later used for other purposes: prison, shelter for the poor and for the population during more recent bombardments.